We help education providers reduce their advertising costs with Youtube Ads.
Education providers can no longer rely on referrals, partnerships and word of mouth. Times have changed, and savvy education providers are already promoting online.

In order to capture the attention of students, it's important to have a presence and use digital marketing to your advantage.

Posting on social media, SEO... are very time consuming and may attract many unqualified leads.

On the other hand, paid advertising allows for targeted traffic. And yet, Google search ads and Facebook ads are getting very expensive.

By working with us to take advantage of Youtube ads, and combining this with our proprietary 6-step system, education providers typically see:
(1) Increase in Qualified Leads
(2) Reduce advertising costs by 20%
(3) Increased Return on Ad Spend

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We've worked with education providers like:
We've worked with education providers like: