How To Consistently Attract 30-60 New Students Every Month with Youtube Ads
without wasting time, even without a big marketing team

Vivien Tse

Founder of YGS & Education YouTube Ads Expert with years of experience growing education businesses and schools. 
What You Will Learn On This Exclusive Video Report:
The new model of getting more students in 35 days
The new model of getting more students that you like, without spending hours creating content and posting on social media, writing blog posts, creating a webinar or expensive Google Search Ads
How to increase your student numbers FAST without a big marketing team
How to increase your student numbers FAST, whether you're just getting started, growing or want to improve your student numbers

How to grow your education business with the systematic EM Model
How to grow your education business with a predictable and systematic marketing & sales process that is specifically created for the education industry
About the EM System:
"When I first started in the education industry, I was a teacher who just loved to help students. However, the company that I've worked with never got enough students, so I became the manager and I was in charge of the marketing.

So I've tried everything: posting on Facebook and Instagram, go to networking events, give out flyers and posters, go on roadshows, put up banners, SEO... you name it.

I was working very hard and spent so much time on the marketing (designing, planning...), but I was only getting a few inquiries here and there, and a lot of those inquiries weren't the right people for us.

After a year of hard work and getting 2 students only, I was fired. I prayed that someone could just show me a sign of how I can help education providers get students, so they can help them more... 

After 7 years, I was entrusted with getting students for another company. But this time, after many trial-and-error, reading countless books, tonnes of research and spending more than $27000USD on coaching programs in these 7 years, things started to click for me.

Then, one of my other clients reached 191 students in 6 months time using my proprietory EM system... And the rest is history. In this training, I'll show you exactly what the EM system is and how it works so you could start applying it to your business. And at the end of the training, you would be given the opportunity to apply and work with us to implement this fast, and grow your student numbers to be the hero of your company or institute helping more students and providing more job opportunities." - Vivien Tse, Founder of YGS