About YGS
YGS Education Marketing Consulting is a boutique marketing consultancy that helps education providers increase their student numbers.

We have created the proprietary 6- Step System that combines the benefits of Youtube Ads to help our clients::
(1) Increase in Qualified Leads
(2) Reduce advertising costs by 20%
(3) Increased Return on Ad Spend

To learn more about how we work, see our Case Study on how we work.
"After speaking to multiple education providers, we were shocked to know that most digital marketing agencies are underperforming and cause a lot of frustration.

These are some typical problems when working with a digital marketing agency:
1. Lack of communication
2. Lack of leads
3. Lack of qualified leads
4. Lack of assistance and guidance in creating good ad creatives
5. Lack of experience in the eduation industry

How we work:
1. Dedicated Slack channel for communication and response within 24 hours
2. No monthly retainer
3. Dedicated account manager and copywriter to assist in ad creatives and scripting
4. Thorough research and confirmation with our clients before launching the advertising campaigns
5. Utilizing Youtube ads to bring results. Since businesses and education providers have not caught on to use Youtube ads yet, the advertising costs are lower than Google Search ads or Facebook ads. Also, since it uses videos, it allows the education provider to easily bond with the right audience to increase the lead quality.

We have a team of copywriter, designers, Youtube ads specialist... to assist you with creating successful Youtube ads campaigns with little effort. All you have to do is answer 10 questions, we'll create the video, and you're good to go.

To learn more about how we work, see our Case Study on how we work.